Tactical Movement for First Responders is on a mission to to support recovery and resilience in first responder communities across the globe through practical applications of movement, breath work and holistic care.


Our vision is to integrate tactical movement programs into law enforcement, fire department and emergency services to support the wellbeing, resiliency, and post-post-traumatic growth of first responders.


RESPECT.  We respect the culture of first responders because we are first responders.

INTEGRITY. We believe in authenticity and approach our relationships with integrity and a genuine commitment to build trust.
DEDICATION. Our dedication to the community is evident in our actions to serve with persistence and diligence.

SELF-CARE. We practice the same self-care that we teach.

FAMILY.  We are first responders and our dedication to our first responder family is beyond compare. 

EDUCATION. We keep our education current and relevant to our mission in order to serve the first responder community with the best practices available.